Monday, January 24, 2011

A few weeks ago we all got sick. Not just any kind of sick though, we had…a stomach bug. (dum-dum-dum) It started with Hensley, then me, then Jerms, then Dylan, what can I say we love to share. It started on a Monday and was officially out of the house by Saturday. So once color was back in everyone's face we decided to celebrate. First stop: Iceskating.

Most of their lap was spent like this.

Trying to get his money's worth. Solo.

Cheering from the stands, no high kicks.

Next Stop: Frozen Yogurt at Spoons!!

I had 13 toppings. Yogurt to topping ratio, 1:2. Don't worry, the yogurt was low fat.

Jeremy's marshmallow surprise

Dylan only wanted fruit topping. Not sure who his real parents are.
After that we rented some movies that were so terrible they aren't even worth mentioning. I'll just say that Eat, Love, Pray doesn't have an ending. It just goes on and on and on…But even with our terrible movie marathon it was the BEST DAY EVER. Amen.