Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Flowerbeds

Last weekend we did a little yard work. And by "we", of course I mean Jeremy. He did a really great job. If I had remembered to take a "before" pic, you could see the sad shrub-graveyard it was. Here's a look at the new and improved flowerbeds.

Hard at work.

Daddy's helpers. Well, Dylan helped. Hens and I mostly watched and ran around the yard.

picking flowers

Dylan kept picking the flowers and bringing them to me. He'd say,"Here, momma, I picked dese for you." haha, so sweet.

Finished product! I'm so proud.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today it's been rainy. And while normally I welcome rainy days, today I've had a touch of cabin fever. BUT since going outside isn't an option, making crafts with the kids is. Giant flowery crafts. 

It started out a little like this.

Then it turned into this.

You see where I'm going…

Dylan was a regular Michelangelo.

And voila! The broom never looked so good.

Let's hope tomorrow brings more picnic weather. :)

Now, show me your happy faaaace!