Friday, May 13, 2011

We heart Crafts.

If you know me you know I love crafts. I love making things. Crappy or cute, it's just good fun. So lately I've been forcing my love of craftiness on my children. They really seem to enjoy the messes we make. Hensley's more or less just along for the ride, but Dylan gets a big kick out of it. He says,"Look, I did it!" and "That was really really fun, mom!" a lot, which makes the bath immediately following and scrubbing paint off furniture completely worth it. Here are a few of the projects we've worked on lately.

Fridge Magnets
My little Picasso.
bigger mess = more fun

He made one for all of his friends. 

Waiting for our masterpieces to dry.


Finished products.

Apple Stamps
Hens in her marker smock.

Dylan in his painter smock.

She preferred paint, but settled for markers. Washable ones.

Stamping apples.

Proud of our work.

The one's we deemed "fridge worthy".

Fruits of the Spirit Window Art
Tearing up paper for me.

What a face.

He was careful to stay in the lines.

Dylan said it looked like a happy face. :)

These were supposed to be apples, but Dylan thought I'd like hearts more. He was right.
We tried learning the fruits of the spirit. We got to joy and he wanted to go outside. Maybe I should have gone with dinosaurs..