Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello, everyone. Remember us…the Hamptons? We didn't call, we didn't write. It's been too long. Sorry about that. I'm a terrible blogger. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Let me back up a few months and fill you in on a some highlights you may have missed.


Hensley got a big girl bed. (tear)

No more sleeping like this...

Or this.

A real bed.

We got a visit from Colbs! (All the way from England)

We made some fun critters.

And fun wreaths.

We said good-bye to Puddles. (RIP Puddles)


We found a tiny turtle. Dylan named him Stu.

We strolled the neighborhood.

And got to hang out with Asa & Abe.

Short month.


We broke out the fall decor.

We played with friends.

Built forts.

Dressed up.

And we shook our maracas.

Hunny & Pop Pop came for a visit.

And cooked us good food. (mini apple pies - amazing!)

Hunny read to Dylan and ALL of his friends.

There was a birthday to celebrate, so Jeremy hung balloons.
(Side note: We hung these at 1am while mom and dad are sleeping in the next room. We tried to be quiet, but one balloon popped. CRAZY LOUD! We were certain mom and dad were awake. The next morning we asked if they heard anything and mom said she thought she heard a silencer, but that's it. HA! My mom has ghetto ear. Who knew?)

So magical.

Happy Birthday to Youuuuu!

We ate cake.

It was delicious.

Everyone thought so.

And Mom got a candy corn pedicure. Adorbs!

We took pics at a pumpkin patch with friends.

It was like hearding cats.

And for now, that sums up October. I know. You missed us, right? Don't worry, we've got halloween pics coming in the next few months or so. :)