Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last week we got to keep my nephew Kamp for a few days while his parents went to Austin for a conference. We had so much fun! Kamp was so easy. Jo having him sleep trained so well helped. Hensley was a little momma while he was here. It was precious to watch. She would help me feed him, talk baby talk, bring him soft toys to play with, and occasionally try to discipline. It's true what they say, you hear yourself in your kids… All in all it was a great time. Can't wait until Jared & Jo plan another get away.

Just look at this face!

Kamp's early morning wake up call.

Little momma helping me with lunch.

Kamp was kind enough to give rides on his walker. (Think iron man pulling giant tire)

They built a "Kamp proof" fort to protect their picnic.
Hensley's fashion statement.

Walking the crew.