Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Times

It rained recently and Dylan wanted to go outside. I explained that it was rainy and wet and we couldn't, but he insisted. He ran to get his jacket (that he outgrew several months ago), it was so funny I had to take a picture.

Ready to play in the rain.                                 

"Oh no, momma!" (His hair got wet.)

He didn't care for long, though.

I was digging through Hensley's closet the other day and found this adorable onesie, it says "Bling is my Thing". She'd never worn it and it was a 0-3mo. (She's 6 mo now) So we squeezed her into it for this picture, it's just a little snug.. =)

She's getting so big and sweeter and sweeter every day. She is such a joy! She likes to laugh. She thinks Dylan is hilarious. 

Pinching those adorable chubby cheeks!

Hensley just looooves her Gran!

I have to be careful leaving my clothes lying around, lately Dylan's been trying them on…

My fabulous house shoes.

Daddy would be so proud. :)

It can also be worn as a hat…who knew?

A few weeks ago Jeremy and I were lucky enough to have the best baby sitters (his parents) watch the kids while we went swimming. It was so foreign being without them. Our "vacation" lasted a whole 7 hours! (Hensley didn't eat the entire time so we had to cut it short.) It was fun while it lasted though.