Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Prepare yourself for the longest blog entry in the history of my blog entries. This is one that will only interest family…and even they may nod off before reaching the end. I call this one "Colossal Easter Play-by-Play". Enjoy.

Our week started out with a MOPS Easter egg hunt.
Ready to hunt some eggs.

Dylan and his friend Zakary.

Jeremy's family came down last week because Tanner's team made the Little Dribblers National Tournament. Who knew there was such a thing? The games were intense! Tanner played really well. He's the youngest on the team and still managed to outshine most. His team ranked 4th overall. They made us proud.
Tanner playing ball. 
Tyler, Tanner, La
Pop & Hensley

Finishing up Jeremy's pancake breakfast.
This wasn't the best group shot, but Jeremy looks like a backstreet boy. I had no choice.

Easter eve we dyed eggs. It was Dylan's first time and he LOVED it! His favorite part was taking the eggs out of the dye, but if the wire egg grabber took too long he'd reach in with his hands.

This was several washes later.

Ready to see what they look like.



Easter morning went something like this...

The Easter Bunny came!

Starting the morning right.

Attempting an Easter picture.
The kids were in great moods.

After church pics were better.
And a little more wrinkled, but precious none the less.
Ready for the royal wedding. Pip, Pip, Cheerio. 

Later we had an "at home" egg hunt, Dylan thought we needed to go somewhere to do that. We blew his mind. Hensley wasn't real interested, but Dylan still announced he was beating her with every egg he found. 

The hunt begins.

Girl talk.

"I got a lot!"

She had an egg in each hand and a twix in her mouth. Notice the glazed eyes.
He found some tricky ones.

And was so proud.
Hunt's over, ready to check out the loot.

The End. 
(round of applause for you)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Bell Fun Run 2011

Last weekend we walked in Brenham's BlueBell Fun Run. It was so much fun, we plan on making it an annual hampton/chapman/goodnight event. The racing part was okay…definitely not the highlight. The best part, of course, was the icecream at the end. All-you-can-eat. Oh, yes.  Here are a few pics of the outing.

Packed in the suburban headed to the race.

I was the only one that heard, "make a goofy face."

Then Dev heard it.

Everyone's excited before the race.

Here's a link to give you an idea of how many ppl
ran. A LOT, 1680 to be exact and that was just the

Time for some sweet treats.

Dev ran the whole race pushing a stroller. My hero.

Until next year…

Oh and since my parents were in Kansas visiting the 

Goodnights, they had their own blue bell party. So they
didn't miss out on all the fun…just most of it.

Kansas bunch blue bell party. ha!