Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blue Bell Fun Run

A couple of weeks ago we participated in our second annual Blue Bell Fun Run. The race was fun, but the all you can eat bluebell coupled with the exquisite company made it all worth the trip. Here are a few pics of our outing.
Before pic - Mostly smiley faces


Jack taught everyone how to properly pose for the camera.

Sweet siblings.

"Run with me Dylan and we'll win the race and get a trophy!" - Jackson

Ready to get started.

Moments before the race.

5 minutes in.

Half way through. It was an early morning for this one.

Jeremy was a rock star, he finished in 27minutes!

Jo and I took a more leisurely approach to the race. Jeremy informed me we finished in the last 5%. Bet we had more fun than he did. 

See ya next year, Brenham!

Oh and the guys were kind enough to watch the kids that night while Jo and I went out for dinner. What great guys we've got. I see a new tradition in the making. :)