Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lately we've been on a craft kick, well we're always on a craft kick, but more so these past few weeks. I recently got a science craft book from a MOPS raffle, it's called the Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do. It's a lot of fun. It's full of kid friendly crafts that fly, spin, swim and ooze (using things you have around the house of course) designed to get your little one interested in science. Genius! 

Bubbling Wizards Brew

For this one we used jars of varying sizes, filled them half full of vinegar, added a few drops of food coloring, then sprinkled with glitter (which turned out to be pointless b/c you couldn't see it). Then we added a good squeeze of dawn, gave it a little swoosh and mixed in a heaping teaspoon of baking soda.
And voila, watch the bubbling begin.

He had to touch it.

Next we made lava lamps. This craft I found online, here actually.  Dylan got a big kick out of this one too. You put water, vegetable oil and food coloring in a fun bottle (full directions on link). Add alka-seltzer and watch the magic happen.

Lava Lamps

I didn't tell Dylan what it would do when he added the alka-seltzer. :)
Look at the wonder on that face!
He loved it.

And this is what happens when you add too much alka-seltzer at once. "I'll only add a wittle", he said.

Last week Dylan ran inside and said there was a snake in the yard. I honestly wasn't expecting a snake, a big stick or worm maybe, but not a snake and definitely not such a huge one. Creeeeeepy. Jeremy said it was just a rat snake, but it's not a good snake until it's a dead snake in my opinion. This next craft was inspired by the snake in the yard. 
Inspirational snake.

Jeremy sacrificed 2 ties for this one. What a guy.

I added a bow for Hensley's, because everybody knows not all snakes are boys. 

The kids helped pick out the eyes. That was the extent of their interest, until the snakes were finished.

Another crafty success.

This one was inspired by some dolls I saw on Etsy. I can't find the link anymore, but it was darn cute. That's why I like looking at Etsy, you find simple brilliant creations that inspire your own simple brilliant creations. I like the way this owl turned out.

Felt Owl
I forgot to take pics as I went, but this was the beginning of the assembly process.

Kooky owl.

My favorite part were the tail feathers. :)

Happy with his new toy.

Dylan named him "Hawk".

Like most 3yr olds, Dylan loves cars. So when I suggested making some, he thought it was a great idea. The original plan was for him to help me, but that day his nap lasted 3.5hrs and we ran out of time so I ended up doing the whole thing alone. Which was probably best, there were lots of little parts to be hot glued, and somehow I think his "help" would have made that part difficult. I found this fun craft here.

Homemade Hotwheels
Sleepy head seeing his new cars for the first time.

I really should blog more often instead of showing a hundred crafts at once. Maybe one day I'll get better. Maybe.