Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jesus death and resurrection is without a doubt the most important occurrence in history. So it seems a little strange that we have an egg-laying bunny as the mascot of this holiday. Nevertheless, it definitely gives kids something to associate with Jesus' death and resurrection. We didn't waste any time getting started with the festivities. We had our first Easter egg hunt 2 weeks early, and had many more since then. I hope you enjoy some of our pics from these hunts!

MOPS Easter Egg Hunt.

Sunday School Egg Hunt.

Gran's Easter Egg Hunt.

Hunt at Hunny's. (The after party.)

We also made some Easter Egg Cupcakes. Weird? Yes, but the kids enjoyed them. These were fun, but such a mess to make. Mine overflowed and caught fire in the oven. Apparently you're not supposed to overfill the eggs…the instructions say that if you read them. I got the recipe here.

Dylan pre-ginormous mess.

A close up. I'm showing you the pretty side.

Easter morning, look at these faces!

And Easter's just not Easter without a photo shoot in the backyard.

Happy Easter, Y'all!