Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday night we had our first annual Hampton family Halloween party. The kids loved it! We decorated the windows with all the fall crafts we made earlier in the week. We had a menu of Monster Munch, Scarecrow Crunch, spider cookies and mini apple pies. It was every kid's sugar rush DREAM! While I wouldn't recommend junk food for supper on a regular basis, splurging once a year definitely gives us something to look forward to. :) We followed it up with a spooooky under-the-covers reading of some library books Dylan liked to call spooky Halloween books. Appropriate. Then it was hide-n-seek in the dark. Such a fun night!

Jeremy informed me that these were just insects because spiders have 8 legs. Pshhh. Smarty pants.

A game of spooooky shadows on the wall.

More library goodies. We decided on A.H. classics once the kids went down.

The other day we had a backyard photo shoot. Dylan wanted to be a pirate, a knight, luigi, a super hero, a dinosaur. Basically it changed daily…sometimes hourly. Once we bought the pirate outfit, he no longer had the right to choose. Hensley was easier, we didn't have to buy anything for her. She already had tutu's, fairy wings, bows, frillies, all things pink. I love girls. Here are a few pics of the outing.

No, we're not above bribing children with cookies.

First time trick or treating.

Daisy the prom queen. Just look at that fancy dress.